The WeEuropeans initiative

38 million people reached / 1,7 million participants / 11,3 million votes / 30 000 proposals

Between February 4th and March 15th, the WeEuropeans civic initiative launched the largest online public consultation ever carried out in Europe. This consultation asked Europeans « What are the concrete steps we can take to reinvent Europe? » in 27 countries and 24 languages. First, during national consultations, each European had the possibility to propose and to vote on proposals coming from his/her country. At the end of this phase, each country had voted on its 10 most approved proposals. Then, the top 10 proposals of each country were translated in all 24 languages. During a European round, each European citizen had the possibility to vote on these 270 proposals coming from all member States. The results of that vote are the 10 most supported proposals at the european level. Those 10 proposals constitute the Citizens’ Agenda.

This document is an exclusive preview of the Citizens’ Agenda and the 10 most approved proposals in each country. These results give a unique perspective on the European sentiment moments before the elections.

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